Beef Project

As for the future of Hammonds End Farm, Stuart is exploring new opportunities and is currently looking into potentially adding beef to Hammond End’s offering.

Stuart’s ultimate goal would be able to produce “the best steak ever” which he believes can be achieved by good breading of healthy, happy cows. “Whilst our bread and butter is what we grow in the ground, I have worked in the meat farming industry and have always been really interested in what makes cows happy and healthy and beef high quality and tasty as a result. So when I had the opportunity to own some cattle, I jumped at the chance”. A few year’s back, Hammonds End Farm acquired a small herd of cows that are kept down in a sister farm in Kent. The cows are Hereford breed which are known for being friendly, calm animals which produce very high quality meat.

At the moment, our sister farm has 70 cows which are fed organic produce from Hammonds End. Whilst we are not selling any meat at the moment – we are hoping to be able to offer supremely tasty steaks from 2018.