The Roberts family has been at Hammonds End Farm for three generations. Stuart Roberts now runs the farm, but it was his grandfather, Trevor Roberts, who started the business and his unusual story is one of the things that makes Hammonds End Farm unique.

It was back in 1953, the year of the current Queen’s coronation, when a young farm hand Trevor Roberts arrived at Hammonds End Farm looking for work. He was taken on by the then owner Stanley White.

PLMR - Hammonds End Farm  22nd December 2016
Stanley White was in truth rather more into horseracing than farming. He also enjoyed the occasional game of high stakes poker. It was at the end of one such game of poker, one unlucky night that Stanley White gambled and lost a large chunk of Hammonds End Farm land. That is why, to this very day, a separately owned golf course runs right through the middle of the farm.
Young Trevor Roberts was a hard worker and over time, Stanley and Trevor became great friends. They began to see each other as family and when Stanley began suffering from ill health, Trevor took care of him as if he was his own parent. When Stanley passed away, Trevor inherited Hammonds End Farm.

Overnight, Stuart’s grandfather became Hammonds End’s owner - and the farm has been in the Roberts’ family since, passing from the generation to generation from Trevor to his son Howard, and from Howard to his son Stuart. 

Stuart (Trevor's grandson) has two boys, Monty, seven, and Dexter, three. Perhaps, one day, one or both of them will take over the family farm… they are all staying far away from the poker tables.